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We've had some wonderful
things happen last year -
Year 2000 - 2001


We issued a plea for shoes for our kids this year and the response has been great.
We received a $400.00 grant and several additional sponsors stepped forward to meet
the need.
The Suwanee Kiwanis Club has adopted us as one of their projects - and boy are
we thankful. They sponsored a golf tournament at the Hooch Golf Club and they blessed
us with the proceeds - THAT WAS $3,!00.00 and certainly a big help for our budget.
Thanks Kiwanis!
We have had a very generous donation of food - 14 pallets to be exact - to assist
the food need here in the county. We will be distributing these snack and miscellaneous
food items as soon as we have a warehouse to distribute from.
We had a donation of a very necessary full size photocopy machine to be used in
our new warehouse. Panasonic has generously given us one from their local warehouse
- and yes volunteers, it sorts and staples. We'll really be up with modern technology
before long. Again, MANY THANKS PANASONIC, our volunteers really appreciate
your giving, it makes their job much easier.